Amy Goropoulos
Amy Goropoulos | Visual & Experience Designer



Design, create, interact, experience, grow.  

I originally went to college as a theater major, I learned mime and stunt falls and how to say "Red Leather, Yellow Leather" very quickly. After waking from that fever dream I realized I needed a more stable major and switched to English/Journalism. Suddenly, during my senior year,  I took an advertising art class to round out a graduation requirement, and my path became clear.  

I spent 11 years as a graphic designer and decided to stretch what I could do, I needed to keep growing. I found that UX/UI and the spectrum of disciplines that it includes would be a great place to put my skill set to work. The questioning and analysis of journalism, the exploration of communication and how to craft a clear message for an audience all reinserted themselves as valuable tools I already had. And they paired so well with the principles of design I had been steeped in for so long. Identifying that problem, working through a solution and seeing if it works, is a process I continue to refine and I'm excited to see where it all leads.   

There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
— Vincent van Gogh

On a personal note:
I love traveling and adventuring with my husband and our two daughters. I'm well known for planning group trips to vineyards and state parks for craft brew hunting and white water rafting (not in that order). I am a secret weapon on any trivia team (movie trivia especially). I'm in a very slow process of learning how to play the guitar and an equally slow process of finishing up (okay starting up) my second novel.  I take candid photos of all group outings and make playlists for any and all events. I've been told I collect friends wherever I go - what can I say, I love meeting people and hearing their stories.